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IPC Basics

Irvington Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Founded in 1906, the church recently celebrated 100 years of ministry in the Irvington community. The current building was erected in 1928. The majority of church members come from Irvington and the extended community around Irvington. However, many active members live in New Palestine, Greenfield, Lawrence, Fishers and many of the surrounding townships.

IPC and the Presbyterain Church (USA)

Founded on the principals of the 16th Century Protestant Reformation, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) carries on the tradition of Martin Luther, John Calvin and many other reformers who emphasized the sovereignty of God and the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Presbyterians believe in a God of unconditional grace who promises salvation to all who seek it.


The word presbyterian comes from the Greek word, presbyteros, which means elder. Accordingly, the Presbyterian Church governs itself by a Board of Elders (called the session) that includes an elected group of lay people, and the pastors. By naming ourselves Presbyterian we identify ourselves by the way we structure ourselves rather than by any particular leader or theology. As a result, Presbyterians accept and value a range of Christian theologies that find expression in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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